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Thank you for choosing Xeno to manage your institution’s investment portfolio. We have custom investment solutions for Retirement Schemes, Investment Clubs, and SACCOs among others. We will help you craft the right portfolio for your investment objective. The institutional investment process involves three steps:

Step 1: Planning – Schedule an appointment with the Xeno team and we will help you articulate your institution’s investment goals. We will work with you to determine your institutions’ risk and return objectives, identify all constraints, define the investable asset classes, and then recommend an investment portfolio (asset allocation) to help you achieve your goals.

Step 2: Execution – Once the asset allocation is agreed, the authorized representative(s) of the institution can then create the institution’s investment account on the Xeno platform and fund it. All client funds are held at an independent licensed custodian bank, Xeno does not have access to them at all. Our team of investment professionals will issue instructions to custodian to invest the funds based on the agreed strategy.

Step 3. Monitoring – Through our dashboard, the authorized representative(s) can monitor and measure the performance of your institution’s portfolio 24/7.

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